What Trend Inspired Composers to Write Music Evoking Scenes or Sounds of Far-off Lands?


Similarly, What is vernacular music quizlet?

What does the book say about folk music? The most widely spoken and understood language of a country, region, or cultural group. A people’s shared musical language.

Also, it is asked, How did poets and artists from the Romantic period rebel against the conventional classical style that came before them?

Romantic poets and painters were lured to the—- in opposition to their Classical forefathers’ traditional concerns. They valued strong emotional expression and were acutely conscious of their own uniqueness from others.

Secondly, Who was an important composer of nineteenth century lieder?

The best 19th-century lied composers are Franz Schubert, who penned over 600 lieder, Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms, and Hugo Wolf. Although the text in lieder was sometimes substandard, the Romantics valued poetry and music equally.

Also, Which type of musical genre is frequently associated with the term vernacular?

Ordinary, daily music, such as popular and folk music, is referred to as vernacular music.

People also ask, When did Romanticism in music come to its own?

Compositions were more expressive and innovative throughout the Romantic era, which began about 1830 and concluded around 1900. Art and literature inspired expansive symphonies, brilliant piano music, dramatic operas, and impassioned ballads.

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Which composer was heavily responsible for pushing the music scene out of the Classical period and into the Romantic period?

Franz Schubert contributed to the shift from Classical to Romantic music by being regarded the last of the classical composers in his early instrumental works and the first of the romantics in his 600 melodic and harmonic art songs.

How did music change from the classical to the Romantic period?

Beethoven is credited for bringing the Classical and Romantic periods together by expanding on and breaking free from the rigorous restrictions of Classical music. The music of the Romantic Era was dramatic, energetic, and emotive, with composers drawing on great art and literature for inspiration.

How did impressionist composers create their music?

Debussy’s Impressionist works “evoke a mood, feeling, atmosphere, or scene” by using motifs, harmony, exotic scales (e.g., whole-tone and pentatonic scales), instrumental timbre, large unresolved chords (e.g., 9ths, 11ths, 13ths), parallel motion, ambiguous tonality, and other techniques to create musical images.

Which of the following were prominent composers who wrote Lieder?

Schubert, Schumann, and the Early Romantic Lied is a musical reading. Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel was a well-known Lieder composer. The texts of Romantic Lied are written in German.

Which Classical period composer lived in the Classical and the romantic period?


Who wrote the dramatic poem based on a Danish legend which provides the text for Schubert’s Elfking?

Franz Schubert’s Erlkönig, commonly known as Erl-King or Elf-King, is a song setting based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s 1782 poem of the same name.

What historical events that influenced the Romantic period music?

The American Revolution (1775-1783), the French Revolution (1789-1799), and the Napoleonic Wars were all significant historical events that impacted Romanticism.

Which of these composers bridged the music from Classical to romantic period?

Ludwig van Beethoven is one of the most well-known and respected composers in Western music history, and his work acted as a vital link between the Classical and Baroque period genres that he adored and the Romantic style that his music would come to personify.

Which of the following is one of the most prominent composers of the classical period?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an Austrian Classical composer who is largely regarded as one of the finest composers of Western music. He is the only composer in history to create and thrive in every musical genre.

What is vernacular in the Renaissance?

Definition in vernacular. People in the area/region speak a common language.

What is cultivated and vernacular music?

The areas of folk music (orally transmitted and community oriented) and popular music are sometimes classified within the field of vernacular music (mediated for a mass audience). Cultivated music, sometimes known as classical or art music, is linked to formal education and written composition.

What kind of language is the vernacular?

A vernacular language is a language spoken rather than written by a certain group, profession, area, or nation. Interest in vernacular varieties of English speech has grown dramatically since the development of sociolinguistics in the 1960s.

How was Romanticism used in music?

The focus on uniqueness and individuality, personal emotional expression, and form flexibility and experimentation were all hallmarks of musical Romanticism.

What themes inspired many Romantic writers and architects?

Their prior love lives, as well as life in general, served as inspiration. They found them inspiring because they felt compelled to share their previous experiences.

What did composers of the Romantic era emphasize in their music?

Composers stressed rich, colorful, and intricate harmonies as a romantic feature. More chromatic harmony was utilized, which involves chords with tones not present in the dominant major or final scale.

What influenced classical music?

Classical Era music was inspired by the classical ideals of rationality, universality, cosmopolitism, and elegance.

What were the factors that made Beethoven bridge the transition from classical to romantic music?

Confronting Structure Conventions: Blurring Boundaries and Rethinking Formal Function Beethoven’s most important contribution to the transition from Classical to Romantic symphonic style is his challenging and bending of Classical symphonic structural standards.

How did classical music develop over time?

Classical music, unlike other forms of music, has grown through time in response to people and society. Because of the composers who adjusted or fixed classical music in response to various events/philosophies, it has adapted to all of the ages.

Where did Romantic composers get their inspiration?

Romantic love, the occult, and even gloomy topics like death inspired composers. Some composers were influenced by their local country’s history and folk music, while others were influenced by faraway nations.

How did the orchestra develop and change during the Romantic period?

Due to its growing size throughout the romantic era, the orchestra had become a major power, featuring the following: strings – a greater area of strings. Flute and piccolo, oboes and clarinets, bassoon and double bassoons are examples of woodwind instruments. Brass instruments include trumpets, trombones, and French horns (tuba added later in the period)

What makes romantic music unique from the music of the classical era when it comes to style techniques and performance?

increased chromaticism; a harmonic structure based on movement from tonic to subdominant or alternative keys rather than the traditional dominant, and use of more elaborate harmonic progressions (Wagner and Liszt are known for their experimental progressions); a greater emphasis on melody to sustain musical interest;

What influenced Impressionist music?

Water influenced Debussy in particular. Impressionist musicians were inspired by Symbolist writers of the time. Paul Verlaine’s “Clair de Lune” and Stéphane Mallarmé’s “Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun,” like Debussy’s music based on these poems, were lovely yet cryptic.

Which of the following factors influenced the Impressionism music?

Finally, the most crucial features that defined Impressionist music were tone color, atmosphere, and flow. From 1890 to 1920, artists like Debussy were prolific in this style, which was characterized by short, lyrical compositions.

What genre of instrumental music evokes image and ideas?

A genre of instrumental art music known as program music aims to musically represent an extra-musical story. The audience may be given the story via the piece’s title or in the form of program notes, which encourage creative connections with the music.

Which of the following were prominent composers who wrote Lieder quizlet?

Who were some of the most famous Lieder composers? Franz Schubert is a composer. Claudia Schumann – and through-composed are the two basic Romantic-era song forms.


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